audio:Belsona Academy Set Archived & Online

Belsona Academy Set [12.03.10]
broadcasted on London's Resonance FM mp3 ------>

"This week's installment of the Belsona Academy features a Resonance-exclusive mix of generative computer insanity from a new artist- Riga, Latvia's own Martins Rokis. Sounding at times like the soundtrack to some future documentary film on revolting nano-bots, Rokis' work drips with a unique absurdist humour and has a kind of holographic presence. Recommended for those with strong speaker systems." 
The Belsona Academy - a weekly 'digital digest' of radical and unorthodox electronic audio. Digressing from the themes covered by Thomas Bey William Bailey's book-length survey "Micro Bionic" (Creation Books, 2009)////////
Other contributing artists to the series include – EVOL, Francisco Lopez, Utah Kawasaki, AUBE, Maja Ratkje, Seth Nehil, Kozo Inada, Lee Gamble, Zbigniew Karkowski, Junky Cao, Wang Fan, John Duncan +++more....