"Self-deception"@ Izklausās pēc mākslas /Sounds like art

Cēsis, Gaujas 5, May 21/23/29/30. Open: 11.00.-18.00. 

Sometimes it’s problematic for human auditory system to localize particular types of sounds in space and audio data become matter of subjective interpretation - some sort of "auditory point of view". Paradoxaly, we can even hear sounds that "aren't there" from the scientific, "objective" point of view. For example, sounds that don’t get registered in technical measurements. It is possible to assume that we are not just passively hearing some kind of fixed “audio reality” but also actively participating in it's creation through the act of hearing.

recordings from installation: link
*unfortunately it is impossible to capture all the details and many illusions can’t be heard on these stereo recordings. Space and position of the listener is crucial to fully experience all the possible sonic phenomena.